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Information needed at Loan Application

Note: The information below is for fully documented loans. Reduced documentation and stated income loan requirements vary. Please call for complete details.

  • W-2 (Two years) and current pay stubs, Self-employment, or 1099
  • Tax returns from previous 2 years
  • Landlord name & telephone (last 2 years), if applicable
  • Employer name, address, telephone (last 2 years)
  • Asset information (past 2 month’s statements where your funds to close Escrow are)
  • Information on Stocks/Bonds/401K, etc.
  • Name & telephone number of Realtor
  • Name & telephone number of Escrow.


The Farm Loan Process

  • Pre-qualification/Pre-approval (Credit report run)
  • Formal loan application taken
  • Escrow and Title ordered
  • Appraisal ordered
  • Income and Asset information verified
  • Complete loan package submitted to Underwriter
  • Loan approved
  • Obtain and forward to Underwriter any additional items that may be required
  • Interest rate locked
  • Loan documents ordered and set to Escrow
  • Loan documents signed by Borrower(s)
  • Final Pre-closing conditions sent to Lender
  • Loan funds wired to Title
  • Loan and Grant Deed record, Close of Escrow


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